Case study #2 - Preparing mining organisation for large process change

Fusion consultants are presently engaged with one of Australia’s largest mining contractors to work with and advise executive and staff in preparing for a transformational change to how they conduct work (both corporate services nationally and mine site processes), how their organisation is structured and what systems they use to automate their work.

This program presents significant challenges and risk to their business and their customers, particularly at the many mine sites in scope for this program. Fusion has provided a senior team of business readiness consultants for leadership, change management and deployment to navigate a sensitive and complex program course.

Process change scope includes procure-to-pay, HR (wages), supply chain, asset management and maintenance (fixed and mobile plant), project finance and all core financial processes.

The engagement will extend beyond twelve months with several key outcomes including raising both staff and executive skills, and capability through a blended program team approach.